School for Creative Arts
Summer @ Cornish
July 10 - August 4, 2023
Performing & Visual Arts Pre-College Intensives in the Pacific Northwest
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About Summer@Cornish
Our Approach

We believe that creative learning is a balance of technical skill development in one core discipline while continuing to develop creative expression through multiple artistic modalities. The 21st century artist must be able to work in cross-discipline environments which often involve a creative mix of music, drama, drawing, film, and storytelling. Additionally, real-world problem solving through the arts is an ever-growing area for careers across technology, health, education, and the formal arts industries. Summer@Cornish supports youth to develop fine art technique, design-thinking skills, and social and emotional insights.

Fredy Andres Conducts

Summer@Cornish offers a unique approach to summer arts learning by encouraging teens to mix and match courses over four weeks which culminate in community celebrations with families and new friends.

Build Your Own Program

We are here to make sure every individual feels that they belong, regardless of experience level or background. Students can take just one afternoon elective, create a half-day schedule, or build a full-day schedule. Electives run either M/W or T/Th for the 4 weeks of the program.

Full Day Option
Build a full-day schedule, 9AM - 4PM, M-F with a morning foundation course and either 1 or 2 electives in the afternoon. 

9-12AM M-F Film Foundation 
12-1PM Lunch in Cornish Cafe 
1-4 M/W Music Elective
1-4 T-Th Art Elective

Half-Day Option
Choose 9AM - 12PM morning course OR 1PM - 4PM (T/Th, M/W) afternoon electives. 

A-La-Carte Option
Choose one elective to try something new or build skill in a specific area.

Individual Electives = $710 
Foundations Course = $3,055 

Watch the Summer@Cornish Introduction

Need-Based Scholarship

Priority Deadline: March 1st
2nd Priority Deadline: April 1st

Apply Now

Cornish is committed to making our courses available for youth students who demonstrate artistic and academic promise, financial need, and interest in the program by offering modest scholarship assistance. Cornish College reserves the right to change any final scholarship award based on number of qualified applicants and available funding. 

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Art & Design Foundations I & II


Teens will discover their creative interests through an immersive overview of visual art and design to deepen their visual thinking strategies, deepen their access to their own creativity, and experience aspects of art and design as a profession. Teens will build core technical skills in drawing, painting, sculpture. make new friends with common interests, and meet potential long-term adult mentors. Further courses allow teens to deepen their creative voice with more critical review and feedback from faculty.

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Film Foundations


From ideation to live action video, teens will deepen their understanding of film development. The class will teach the full range of cinema’s visual language, from composition to shots, and from the logic of visual narrative to working with actors, recording sound, and making a final edit. Youth will learn core skills for any film student including the building blocks of a powerful scene and discovering effective elements in a single film image. Through ideation to the phases of production, teens will have completed a group film at the end of the four-week intensive.

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Music Foundations I & II


The first foundational class is an introduction to basic music theory and ear training including notation for pitch and rhythm; intervals; diatonic (major and minor) scales; chromatic scale; diatonic modes; key signatures; transposition; and concepts in rhythm, meter, and durational notation. In Foundations II, teens will deepen their foundational skills in theory, analysis, and composition with more critical review and feedback from faculty.

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Theater: Acting Fundamentals for Theater and Musicals


A four-week course, teens will explore the world of the character through work on sensory awareness, physical involvement, imagination, and communication. Beyond any single production, teens will build a foundational knowledge of the theater.

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Contact us!

If you have any questions, feedback, or an idea for a community or corporate partnership, please contact Kel Dylla or Michael Callaizkis. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kel Dylla

Executive Director, School for Creative Arts
kdylla@cornish.edu | (206) 726 5148

Michael Callaizakis

Department Manager, School for Creative Arts
mcallaizakis@cornish.edu | (206) 726 5148